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Best Allotment Competition 2016! - 2nd July 2016 Starting at 11.30amNew Format This Year - July 2nd 2016 Starting 11.30am New Site

 We are changing things up a little year and focassing on getting more members involved this year.  Gone is the need to grow crops just for the competition, it is all about keeping a tidy productive plot now with extra points awarded for enviromental features like; water conservation, growing for bees, creating widlife areas to attract helpful bugs and animal life.  Plus there is a Best Dressed Scarcrow for under 16's with prizes for all that enter. 

Best Allotment Competition 2016! - 2nd July 2016 - New Site 11.30am Start

How the competition will be judged

We have a new judge this year, Gerald Vale from the National Vegetable Association.  Gerald has kindly given his time this year to support our competition so I hope as many of the HPAA Members will show their support this year.  Last years competition was one of the best turn outs I have ever seen in my time at the Association and hope this year will be even better.  We are planning a few features on the day too!

Any way back to the judging criteria, below is the new marking sheet which will be used to judge each plot, Barbara Richardson, Margret Hastings and Julia East have all worked exceptionally hard on the new format for this year and I think they have excelled themselves, great job ladies!

Section 1. Cultivation  

Overall standard                                10 marks

Productivity/Cropping plan             20 marks

Compost Heap                                   10 marks

Weed/Pest Control                           10 marks


Section 2 Best Brassicas’ (Max 10 points overall)

Broccoli, Cabbage, Calabrese, Cauliflower, Leaf Spinach, Savoy

& Brussel Sprouts


Section 3 (5 points each)

Most Eco Friendly

Best use of recycled material

Rain Water conservation

Wildlife friendly plants & flowers

Best Use of space


Section 4 Salad Vegetables (Best 4 to be marked 5 marks each)




Spring onions



Section 5 Other Vegetables – Most variety of other Veg (Max 10 points)

Carrots, Onion, Broad Bean, Runner Bean, Dwarf Fresh Bean, Peas,

Potatoes, Leeks, Marrow & Courgette.


Section 6 Fruit bushes & Trees (Best 3 to be marked 5 marks each).                                                                                                        

Best Unusual Crop   5 Marks to be awarded


Best bunch of Flowers from plot   5 Marks to be awarded

Download the Sheet Click Here
We will also be holding a Best Dressed Scarcrow Competion for Under 16's (Partents can help ot too!), more details to follow.


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