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Water Leak UpdateWater Leak Update

Update on the current water leak on the New Site:
Updated 17th November 2015

17th November 2015
After many months the leak has finallly been fixed!

30th October 2015
After many many phone calls chasing Anglian Water regarding the leak coming from Shepherds Cottages pipe work we finally have some progress, Anglian Water have telephoned today stating that Shepherds Cottage have finally issued instrutions to a contractor to repair the leak.  As of yet that do not have a date when the contractor will attend but they have (Shepherds Cottage owners) have stated it will be repaired by Friday 6th November 2015.  So fingers crossed everyone this nightmare might be coming to end!

It is a real shame that the owners in Shepherds Cottage could not have done better by us and the enviroment and face up to their responsibilities sooner but there you go, hopefully they have finally done the decent thing. 

Date: 23rd July 2015
Richard Ingleson and myself were both on the new site last night till gone 10pm.  We tied up all the bull cocks and turned the water back on.

The dial is still going round at an alarming rate even though no water is going into the water tanks which is a clear indication that we have a leak and god knows how much this is costing us?

I will be going to the New Site at 12.00 to take another reading so I can ascertain the extent of the leak.

I will fill the tanks up today and then turn the water off till we can have a proper look at the cause of the leak.  I urge you all on the new site to only water plants that are in serious need.  We are getting rain tomorrow and at the weekend so it's not too bad news.

Also please don't be greedy and grab all the water for yourselves, think of others too!


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