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dandilion870slThe Dandelion’s Lament

Lovely peom about the Dandelion

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The Dandelion’s Lament

“Oh I wish I were a pretty flower,”
The dandelion said.
“Then people would admire me
But they wish me gone instead!

Now if I could be a snowdrop,
So pure and sparkling white,
Or a bluebell with a nodding head,
Well! That would be all right.

Or a sweet, shy, shrinking violet

She’s such a pretty thing,
Or a cowslip, or a celandine,
Then I’d be welcome in the spring.

Perhaps a stately foxglove,
So loved by all the bees,
Or fragrant honeysuckle,
Then I’d be sure to please.

But there’s some who try to poison me,
And – ouch! – pull off my head,
Or get the hoe and cut me down
And call me wee-the-bed.

But during the Creation
The good Lord, he decreed,
That while some would get the glory,
I’d be just a blooming weed.

So despite their sprays and potions
Of this, please have no fear,
I’ll still go forth and multiply

- And see you all next year!”


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