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shed870mp2A Massive Thank You!

 A big thank you to all those that helped out, I had a great day with your guys and gals!  And the shed looks great too!

The Shed is Now Up!

I would like to personally thank all those that showed up to help on Saturday, we had so many willing helpers that some were not needed in the end, but my heart felt thanks for showing up and supporting your association, we appreciate the effort grately!

The Crew (if I missed your name & there is at least 1 I missed sorry):

  • Julia East
  • Lesley Henderson
  • Alan Ingram
  • Allan Richardson
  • Barry Faber
  • Bob Ward
  • Dave Groves
  • Graham Woodcraft
  • Mark East
  • Paul Waites
  • Pedro Silmon de Monerri
  • Pete Gammons
  • Richard Ingleson
  • Robert Hastings

If any persons I have not named and thanked peronally please accept my deepest appologises, I did take your names but managed to lose the piece of paper, sorry!  Please can you contact me so I can add you to the list.

This was a superb effort by all, you all worked as a great team on the day making a ackward job both go smoothly and enjoyably I had a great day with you all and thanks for sharing producing some great memories for my grey matter!

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