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Garden Lime

The acidity of soil is measured by its pH.  If your soil is less than 6.0, applying J. Arthur Bower’s Garden Lime will be helpful in countering the acidity.  J. Arthur Bower’s Garden Lime can also help break down heavy soils..

Gardeners have been using lime for years to improve soil conditions and this natural ingredient really is the key to quality soil - for not only does the application of lime raise the PH level of the soil, it improves the crumb structure in heavy soils and in itself is a form of calcium.

The J Arthur Bowers world renowned Garden Lime we stock is supplied in a 10kg bucket (coverage 100m²), is made from ground limestone and should be applied in late autumn or early winter when the ground is frost free. Use garden lime on particularly acidic soils each year - neutral soil will benefit from an application every 3 years - by scattering over the soil surface and forking in well, and don't forget to treat your brassica plot with garden lime too as a higher PH will help discourage club root.

Usage Instructions (PDF)

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