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Concentrated Liquid Tomato FeedConcentrated Liquid Tomato Feed

Concentrated Liquid Tomato Feed

J. Arthur Bower's Tomato Plant Food is recommended for feeding all tomatoes in greenhouses, grow bags and outdoors.  The liquid tomato food is high in potash food with seaweed extract and magnesium to promote healthy growth and develop tastier tomatoes.

High potash liquid feed for tomato, pumpkins, courgettes, chillies, peppers, cucumbers and more!

  • Sizes: 1L
  • Volume Made: Up to 330L
  • Ingredients: NPK 4 - 4 - 8 + trace elements, seaweed extract and wetting agent.
  • Recommended Uses: Feeding all tomatoes in greenhouses, grow bags, outdoors.
  • Feeding  Recommendations: After first truss is set feed once or twice a week. Plants grown in grow bags should be fed twice a week.
  • Use Rate: Half a capful (20ml) in 4.5 litres (1 gal) of water. 4.5 litres will feed 6 plants under glass or 8 in the open.

Usage Instructions (PDF)

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