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Weed ID AppWeed ID App

 Cool new app for identifying weeds!

Watch the Weed ID VideoWatch the Weed ID VideoThe Main Features  

  • Quick and easy access to extensive weed library; >140 species, >1000 images
  • Full description of each weed species at cotyledon, young plant and mature plant growth stages supported by accompanying pictures aiding identification
  • Detailed grass-weed line drawings to highlight distinguishing features often too difficult to see from a photograph Interactive search of weed library via Weed ID Filter, Common Name List, Scientific Name List, or Free Text Search
  • Map-my-Weed tool to help pinpoint location of weeds on a google map; assign name, size of patch and year*
  • Option to photograph the weed in your field and use to directly compare with images in the app library
  • Export your weed photo and it’s GPS location by email to customers / colleagues at the touch of a button Simple and fast interface

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