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  • Allotments for Hatfield Peverel

    Allotments for Hatfield Peverel
    Promoting Allotment Gardening in Hatfield Peverel Essex

  • NVS Talk on Raised Beds & No Dig Cultivation
  • Crop Rotation: A Five-Year Plan
  • New Shed Working Party
  • Museum of Power Garden Show

Welcome to HPAA

  • HPAA Location

    Location of the HPAA

    Location of the Hatfield Peverel Allotment Association

  • History of the HPAA

    HPAA History

    The Hatfield Peverel Allotment Association has been around for over a hundred years, below is an article written by David Goodey and makes good reading!

  • HPAA Constitution


    Below we have set out the Constitution for the Hatfield Peverel Allotment Association

  • HPAA Rules

    HPAA Rules

    Our rules are simple and easy to understand, please read them carefully and abide by them

thank you 
The New Shed for the New Site is here, but we need your help to assemble the shed

Read more here

National Vegetable Society Talk: Raised Beds & No Dig Cultivation

Category: Recipes

  • Rhubarb & Grenadine Crumble

    Rhubarb & Grenadine Crumble
    This has a great twist, the Grenadine adds great colour and taste to the rhubarb that will add that something special to your dessert!
  • Irish Stew with Parsnips

    Irish Stew with ParsnipsIrish Stew with Parsnips
    The Parsnips are by no means traditional in this recipe and are optional but my wife loves them so what you going to do? 

  • Perfect Roast Potatoes

    Perfect Roast PotatoesPerfect Roast Potatoes
    My foolproof way of getting that perfect roastie!

Category: The Growing Season

  • Jobs to do in February

    Jobs to do in February

    Time to do some groundwork

    We get a glimpse of the early signs of the arrival of Spring this month. The soil begins to warm up around the middle of February and we can see for the first time this year the buds beginning to swell on fruit trees and bushes. Overwintering vegetables begin to look less sorry for themselves and they start to produce new growth.

  • Jobs to do in October

    Jobs to do in October

    October is the month when it feels like the season is about to turn, the days start to shorten and the sun appears lower in the sky, the leaves change colour and fall to the ground and temperatures drop.  The first frost are likely too, which will be the end of many of your crops out in the open so if you still haven’t harvested frost sensitive crops now is the time before Jack Frost gets them!

  • The Growing Season

    The growing season

    The Growing Season varies in different parts of the United Kingdom, but in Hatfield Peverel we are blessed with a milder climate and enjoy a longer season than many parts of the country.

    In this section of the web site I have tried to separate the season out into monthly sections to help and guide you through the most popular tasks and crops regularly grown on the allotment site, but if you would like a feature made of a particular vegetable or task, please get in touch and I will do my best to add it to the web site for you.

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